My passion is my story..

Some of you may know my work from Candlepowerforum under the nick Luter, but what you don't know is the story about my hobby, so here it is :-)

I have always been fascinated by machining, but my first lathe wasn’t much to the job as it was so small you could barely sharp a pencil on it. My second machine wasn't much bigger either it was my third lathe I really start making some machining, and that was the time when I discovered the titanium. I was fascinated by how durable and light the material was, soon it become my favourite and I started making some stuff from it. Titanium rings were first stuff I made, just some plain rings. I didn't even dream that time about making flashlights from it neither consider to do it, but I did like gadgets and especially the flashlights, I have had some aluminium ones but never titanium, so I had an idea to take some flashlight, dismount it and make the body from titanium, it wasn’t easy, mainly because the machine was still just a small low powered lathe, it struggled with titanium, I had to take small cuts and low speed but I did it. I was proud of myself and started being hungry for more. I have made other, bigger, better, more powerful, different shapes and so on. But my draw had started to be full of them. I gave some away but I was still making new ones because I had other ideas and wanted to make more. I realised that the ability to make them was what fascinated me, make something beautiful, practical and still durable to withstand some beatings and erosion of time. My hobby was born. I invested into bigger, more advanced machines and take it to the level where I can share my skills and passion with all the people who like machined crafts and gadgets especially flashlights. I am still making them today, not that often any more but I do. Turn on the manual lathe and steady taking cut by a cut to change the stock to a shape which leads to a beautiful product, can't see anything more satisfying than that, I am still hungry for making more and thanks to you who enjoy them I still can.